The Weekend - Semi went to plan

Ok so by Saturday I had caught up on a couple of cases that I hadn't done before (only 4 more to go, christ what was I doing those weeks? Oh yes, I remember, I was sat around my dining room table by the window having a fag and chatting shit with my friends who endlessly drop by for tea, for hours every day of the week) and decided to reward myself by going to a friends birthday party.

This birthday party was going to be a chilled out one, have a couple of drinks and be home before 2 sorta thing. Me? Oh no, I decided not to leave till 4 and to continue the after sesh back at mine till 6. At least I didn't throw up in my wardrobe this week though - true story. I had to get up for work, in an hour. Do you think I made it?? No. It's a miracle they haven't fired me yet. A miracle. I've decided I spend far too much "having fun" on the weekend and the only way to curb this ridiculous habit is to literally give my money to someone else to hide. It is no good whatsoever me trying to put it into a different account. With mobile transfers these days, I will literally just move it right back. I cannot be trusted.

So I felt rough this morning. Why god why, I begged to know as I lay in my bed or more accurately - how god, how am I in the exact same position I was in exactly a week ago. Hell, at least I did some work on Saturday though. By the evening, I also managed a little bit of work this afternoon - not loads because I was just not in the right head space, couldn't concentrate, severely dehydrated but i'm OK.

My best friend came round and we caught up (because I've not been social enough this week?) and we made a plan for our revision schedule this week. I also got a good look at this timetable i've got for my next block. No word of a lie, i'm timetabled for about 2.5 days a week.

This obviously doesn't include "spare time" which can actually be "ward time" where I should be on a ward round, taking histories, or examining patients. There is no "firm teaching" at all on this surgical block. Previously, at least twice a week we had teaching with someone from the specialty team spending 1-2 hours with us, going through a topic. All i've really got timetabled on this block is a

1. cytoscopy every other week,
2. only 2 theatre afternoons the whole block (Should be every week but not as i've got a clinical skills day one week and the induction - tomorrow),
3. Clinical debrief
4. Some afternoons filled with something abbreviated to IDK what
5. ? may be an outpatients (which we have to arrange ourselves and may have nothing to do with the surgical specialty so the likelihood of that happening is extremely low - and also, is timetabled for a wednesday afternoon and I hopefully still have a job to go to at 4pm on Wednesdays)

And that's it. One of the weeks i'm only timetabled to be in for a day. Also doesn't include ward rounds - doens't say when or where they are.

The first impression of this placement via organisation is that it is poor. For a start on my online timetable they've marked my clinical skills day on week 2, but on the paper timetable its week 3. They've slap-dashed the online timetable simply covering the whole thing in either "personal clinical development" or "personal professional development" asking us to "refer to paper timetable for further details". Wtf.

I'm sure it will all be a lot clearer tomorrow morning and I have many many questions.

M: So plan for this week: finish the cases i've missed tomorrow. Should pretty much have them done by the evening.
T: Go through 2 new examinations. Do some history taking practise.
W: I've got work
T: Flick between revising some of the themed cases and looking at data interpretation. How to present CXR's and AXR's might be a start!