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This is not easy

Over the past fortnight, i've seen several of my friends break down and cry about how hard this all is. About the sheer frustration they feel trying to study for a career they once dreamt about, about watching the NHS be torn apart right in front of our eyes, about wanting a better a quality of life then we would get as doctors. We're not saying we'll have an awful quality of life, no, but it's certainly not what we once thought it would be.

It seems like nobody actually wants to do this any more. So why are we? Because it's Medicine, no matter what, will be a good degree to have. Whether you establish your whole career based on it, or whether it's simply a platform to go onto better things; a medical degree isn't a bad thing to have under your belt at all. This is what I tell myself when I have been sat in the library for 12 hours. My exams are around the corner and I think about how difficult this is.

Of course it is. It was never going to be easy; but you…