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Roll on Second Year!

I am pleased to announce that I passed my resit with satisfaction! I am excited, so excited to go back to university and start another year.

I move into my new house with the girls mid september, then I have mummies-and-daddies training and then the real crunch starts.

I'm a little worried as to how i'll handle Sem 3 as it's often argued the hardest of the lot... i've also been dealing with a lot of pressures these past few months which have a put a question mark on my return to university.

My parents have begun a messy divorce that will take, more than anything, time. I have found that I need a lot more support in terms of who I am and where I fit in my family. I also know the financial pressures will be huge this year as the implications of the divorce stand so it's going to be stressful. Not returning or deferring for a year sits too uncomfortably with me though, so I won't give myself any other choice. I am going to plough on through, for better or for wors…