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and with a "fuck off" my landlord slammed the door.

Living in a house, with 3 other girls hasn't always been rosy perfect. Shared housing is never 100% smooth or easy - there were the occasional disputes between us; mainly about money which is just awkward for everyone involved but overall, it was lovely. We ended up hardly ever seeing eachother which was also fine, just in and out the house with very different timetables.

It was an absolute horror however, from move in day till move out day with our landlord. He would send us vicious e-mails. It started with on move in day, mine and my house mates keys wouldn't actually work. They didn't lock the door except on fluke; this meant that we couldn't both leave the house (with all of our possessions in) at the same time. It's not the problems with the house, or the dodgy locks or how these were addressed that upset us. It was how he insisted on responding to our queries with vindictive, malicious language. Professionalism just did not register on his radar.

I recall at …

Second Year actually done...

So I got my second year results today and have passed everything (thankfully) and successfully progress to Phase 2 of the course! Hoorah!

Not overly happy though and this is why I feel I must write to reflect on everything that's happened. I didn't pass well - in fact I never pass well, but this time I got a low pass. For our exams, it goes like this:

Low pass, satisfactory, honours, distinction. Previously I have always gotten a satisfactory. Sometimes scraped, granted, but this time - a low pass. I don't know how I worked so hard for so long and managed to walk away with my worst ever score. I am so annoyed at myself. How did I let this happen??

This time round when revising:

1. I didn't use the pomodoro technique. A technique I know works for me and works for me well.
2. I didn't revise at home. I was in the library day in, day out. This was annoying to have to travel back for lunch and dinner and expensive to be getting coffee's and teas on campus.
3. I spe…

2nd Year Done (Hopefully)


After yet another hard slog of library days, 7am starts and draining evenings, I have finished my second year of medical school. (Touch wood I don't have to resit). It feels very very weird... I remember reading about students finishing phase 1 years ago and thinking about how far away that felt. How different the moral of the NHS was back then too... how different my own morale was.

I am excited for things to change next year, to be mainly hospital based and in a new way of learning. I'm also quite sad that so many of my friends are having to move to 'de-Press'ton (Preston) and that I won't get to see them quite as often. I value them hugely and they've become a massive part of my support system here, so them moving away does feel with me a slight sense of misery. Change isn't always great either, I've only just got accustomed to PBL and the rhythm of learning like this but what with so many new changes being implemented into the …