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I got a letter from my mitigation board first. They had accepted my application for mitigation for my Semester 2 exam. This was confusing, why hadn't they given me mitigation for my other exams? It turns out, it was because I'd somehow passed them.

The next e-mail came through, breakdown of scores, boundaries. A pass was 53%. I got 52%. Fortunately the breakdown of the results available later that day highlighted my weak points perfectly. Namely, anatomy and pharmacology and they made the bulk of the questions. Fair enough, I could barely remember the name of a single drug. I didn't deserve to pass and I didn't.

Breaking down the OSCE's I thought it would be a fun little game to see if I really did fail the stations I thought I did.

Station 1: CPR
My thought: 50/50
Reality: Pass (on the boundary!)

Station 2: Heart and lung sounds
My thought: fail Reality: Pass (on the boundary!) 
Station 3: Blood Pressure My thought: fail Reality: fail - this was just one big mess,…

OSCE 2 and Semester 2


Part A
The second day of OSCE's included 2 anatomy stations and 2 communication stations.

The anatomy stations involved being quizzed on by an anatomy demonstrator from a list of questions you'd randomly pick and would include things like "Find x", "Name and locate y," and "What are the borders of Z?"

There is not a great deal to report here. You either know the answers or you don't. The pressure of time makes you shit bags too, but the adrenaline is pumping and somehow you manage not to just collapse and drop dead from the panic (not to be dramatic or anything).

It's important to note that I knew those anatomy flashcards inside out. I totally had it. However the minute the demonstrator asked me to find x on the real thing, I really really struggled. I wish I had paid more attention and made greater use out of anatomy sessions.

I thought both stations went dreadfully. I recall my first demonstrator repeating the same instruction 3 ti…