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No Progress

Still waiting for something!

Keele will be interviewing their last batch during the week beginning 18th March, and so I should expect to hear around fortnight before that, which is roughly early March.

Aberdeen are just dragging the whole thing out a little longer...

And Liverpool are still in the process of interviewing, and I'm pretty sure they'll be interviewing right up until the end of March, so a  long wait ahead.

I've been so demotivated to work this half term. I feel I really slugged my guts out for my January exams, and without any results yet; I'm a bit exhausted of the whole thing. The waiting on the UCAS, the mass exam preparation, the stress of it all, and so I've decided that just this once, this half term I'll give myself a break. Normally, I would try to ensure that I'd finished, at least by myself, going through the whole syllabus for all of my subjects just so that from here on in, it would be plain revision. I'd been caught up too man…

The start of i-don't-know

This was meant to be a welcome post, but I didn't really know what to welcome you too.

Truth be told, I have a feeling I might get bored of blogging, and just give up, and so I refuse to 'publish 'this or make it accessible to the wider public until I have dedicated myself to it properly, written a few posts, and kept the whole thing going for at least a little while. I have a tendency to start things with great enthusiasm and then.. it just dwindles away.

As you can tell by the title, I'm hoping this will really last me through medical school. When  If I get into medical school. I read a lot of blogs about this sort of thing at the moment, and is what really made me want to have a go. If mine turns out half as well as theirs have i'll be satisfied.

I've been rejected from one university, interviewed by another (and yet to hear the outcome) and have yet to hear from another two. One of those two are an impending rejection as they've handed out all of their …