Don't drop the ball

So yesterday I did a full day of revising pretty much. A friend came round in the afternoon and revised with me but I looked over the treatment and management of diabetes, hypertension, taking a cardiology history, taking a respiratory history, differentials for all of their different symptoms.

I'm not really sure what to do this morning. It's the first Friday i'll have my Patient Centred Consulting and Themed Case Discussion in the afternoon (so finish at 5, boo) so i'm not used to actually having the morning free. Normally I wouldn't do any work on a Friday.

I think I might look at the treatment and management of heart failure, counselling patients on warfarin and interpretation of x-rays. Then I need to look at how to perform a DRE and peripheral vascular exam.

It's so hard to know where to focus your energies. On one hand, I need to make sure I have examinations down as that is the only thing I can practise and know whats happening for. On the other hand revising the themed cases will prepare me for data interpretation (possibly, I wouldn't have said so before but considering mine was literally the management of diabetes and hypertension), and sharing information. I also need to keep going over taking the different histories, coming up with a differential, remembering the different symptoms I need to ask about. Let's not forget I missed a very obvious heart failure differential...