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She died on NYE. 4 days before they said she had a couple of weeks. 2 weeks before that we were all optimistically singing on a few months at least.

We were at college together and only for a year. But due to the nature of the college and the size of it, you got to know people quickly and intensely. She tried 4 times to get into medical school - but there were problems bigger than her academics, big life issues she was facing and then bang, here's something else to deal with. She was 21 years old.

I'm not going to pretend we were best friends but when you're in a college who's population probably couldn't fill a quarter of a gym hall and classes with no more than a handful of people, they sort of become your life for a while. We didn't stay in touch well... she had bigger shit to deal with and I was spending 40 hours / week in a hospital and the rest of it trying to get into university.

I've seen people die, i've been in the room when they've taken …