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Gone by in a blink of an eye

I can't believe we are nearing the end of March already. Another 3 months and it will be my birthday, all my friends will be coming back home for the holidays and it'll be summer! 3 months after that and i'll be a fresher! Can't believe it. I wouldn't say the past 6 months have gone quick - some weeks have been a total blur whilst others have seemingly dragged on for months (hello January I am looking at you) but I am totally buzzing for the next few months.

I always go through days where I can't stand thinking about having to return to work when I've had a couple of days off which is when I just blast through loads of job applications for jobs with more sitting and better social hours. I do miss having a routine like I did at school. As a result, I have been invited to interview for this "Junior Administrator," post. It's at a small accountancy firm about 7 minutes walk from my house and involves the usual "office" type duties you w…

Working a 0 hour contract

Since last summer during the cricket season, I have been working at my local cricket ground. They offer 0 hour contracts, you take the shifts you want, when you want and you get paid weekly. The pay isn't that great but then what is?

Why am I working there when I've got a job as a HCA that pays much nicer? You never know who you're going to work with. Essentially it's a bunch of older teens and younger tweens working in catering for what could be anything between 4 hours to 16 hours. Sometimes it's dull as fuck but providing you're working with people you like it is so much fun. One of the joys about this is that you can not have a clue who someone is at the beginning of your shift and by the end, practically be best friends. That's what happened last night and it's honestly such a pleasure to be around people my age, completely laid back, where nothing is about medicine and is just about getting through the shift and having a good time.

The only real d…