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Today was my first OSCE examination. It consists of six 5 minute stations and depending on the station you may or may not find a patient there. It's nerve wracking, heart pumping and all a bit of a blur. It is (and i'm sure all other medical students will agree) one of the most difficult examinations to be put under.

Station 1: Resuscitation 50/50

Person found collapsed, 25 metres from the nearest house by an electrical thing but no lakes or water nearby.

This one was quite straight forward.
D - Identified the danger. Made sure it was safe to approach.
R - Shook the patient for a response. None given.
S - Shouted for help.
A - lifted the head back, pulled the jaw down - got my airway
B - pressed ear against mouth, watched chest, no signs of breathing

At this point there is no point starting compression without getting help first. I go to the house, tell them to call an ambulance for an adult male found collapsed and to bring a defibrillator. I tell said person to join me.

C - …