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Having problems?

Work for 12.5 hours a day for the next few days. Honestly, nothing works so well.

There is something slightly tragic about coming off a stint of shifts though. When we were at school and we'd been to a great party or whatever climax it was that month, we'd all be grieving in what we called the "come down" period together. It's similar to that in a way, if you don't have anything planned you literally don't know what to do with yourself. This is pretty much a testament to how much I love my job and what with time flying to my leaving date, I am even more appreciative of the opportunity i've had. I went back to read of one of my favourite graduate medic blogs and read some of his posts (about 6 years old now, christ!) about what it was like to work as a HCA... particularly his post about finally leaving and his first week at medical school. Highly worth a read, even if he has graduated now! I was also going back through some of my own posts, like my vou…

Summer plans

I drove to London and stayed with my Aunty last week. Despite some scarier moments when the rain chucked it down in buckets, all in all it was a doddle. Quite loving the idea of summer drives down there on a hot weekend...

I've also gotten off my backside and sorted out what my abroad plans are:

1. To take all my paid leave from the mid August - end of August. This means I am present for the hoo-har of my uncles wedding in the earlier weeks of the month and I sort of escape the crazy prep of back-to-schoolness (since my mums a teacher and all) in the later weeks of the month. Also means I don't have to go to work all bummed out that i'm working during the summer because i'll be on a beach in Marrakech sipping fresh Mango juice.
2. Go to Morocco and backpack around for 3 - 4 weeks. This also means that I'll get my final(ish - I'll be getting all my tax back too once I have P45 YAY!) pay check on the last Weds of August so if I start getting short of cash while I…

Got to make 'em count

All too often I sit back and think about how I've gotten to where I am right now, this moment, in this day. We are in May. May. The end of Spring and the start of Summer.

Previously I've always associated May with so-little-time-to-my-birthday, the half-term break which means only 1 last half-term till we break up for summer, lunch-times spent lying in the middle of our school field with my girlfriends bored out of our brains, sitting in the sixth-form block discussing how disgusting the boys are in our school.  I used to love the summer term, how relaxed it used to be, the wind down for the end of the year where neither students or teachers were taking it quite so seriously. Then GCSE's and A-levels came around and whilst I still cherished it and was infinitely excited, it was also tinged with that quiet trepidation about our exams and later, the results. I would long for the summer where I didn't have to deal with school drama or cram for revision.

In stark contrast,…