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I resign

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I finally write my letter of resignation and hand in my notice. My working life is coming to a temporary close. And this is what I write: 
In accordance with the terms of my written contract, I hereby give you over 4 weeks notice of my intention to resign from my current role as an Auxiliary Nurse. The week beginning 4th August will be my final working week. I hope to take any outstanding annual leave after this date.I am immensely excited to take up my place at the University of Manchester to study Medicine and Surgery having successfully gained the offer earlier this year. I am under no doubt that the vital clinical skills, beside manner and knowledge of ward life will continue to benefit me throughout medical school and even the rest of my career. I feel privileged to have worked with some of the most hard working, hilarious and outstanding practitioners - which quite frankly sets the bar very high for my future colleagues. It is with many thanks to the w…

Turning 19, shit off duty, 3 months to go

Turned 19 this week WAHEY! Sadly, this wasn't the big all-nighter party I desperately wanted for 2 reasons:
a) a lot of my friends are still finishing off their Uni exams and so aren't even in the city
b) the 2 days I strongly requested off to celebrate, they booked me for 3 nights in a row

I kicked up a little bit of a fuss and the sister did do everything she could to apologise and see if there was a reasonable way to rectify the situation but alas, there was none and tbh she really did try so I can't complain too much.

Now - everybody and anybody knows night shifts aren't my favourite. I don't mind having to do my fair share, every couple of weeks or so that's fine I get it - I mean you have to cover them somehow right? Then these past 4 weeks have been a little on the difficult side because I've had at least 1 night shift every week and 8 nights all together, which has been a struggle but bearable in the hope that the next off-duty will be better. So im…