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Interviews for HCA posts.

My first response for all the numerous jobs I applied to was one for a Bank Clinical Science Worker. Bank just means that you get to pick the shifts that you are able to do, when and where you can do them, so it's very flexible. It's like the supply agency when things are going tits up. A clinical science worker is not that far off a standard healthcare assistant job, and in fact most (if not all) the day to day demands are the same. So, the job I wanted, in the sector I wanted it, flexible enough to suit around me - perfect, what could go wrong?

Well firstly, there was the fact that I had 3 hurdles to overcome. The first stage, was a Level 1 Literacy and Numeracy test. It was mostly multiple choice, and basically, if you've done GCSE's - you will do absolutely fine. There are no trick questions, nothing complex. I was worried some sort of test might involve 'nursey' type questions like what does NICE stand for? But thankfully, the test was literally to make su…