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2 weeks in

And I am so sick of the lectures on punctuality. About 9 professionals have stood in front of us telling us that if we're so much as a minute late, it's equivalent to not turning up at all and it's up to the lecturers discretion to let us stay.

I get that punctuality is important and I am sure it would do everyone a lot of good of getting into the punctual habit but I think that's just a step too far. Bearing in mind you're only allowed 3 absences a term, if one day you miss the bus, another day you oversleep and another day the fire alarm goes off - well you'll be seeing the head of the department.

The introductory lectures are pretty much soul destroying. I'm pretty sure that they are simply trying to fill in the time so that we feel like we are in uni enough. I had a lecture on PBL groups. And then another lecture on working in groups.... er?? Plus it seems pretty obvious that they are really dragging out their points....

Other wise this is taking some m…

OK it's getting surreal now

You know when you're weeing on a pregnancy test and you're feeling super weird about whether you're pregnant...? Yeah me neither, but how I imagine you feel then, is exactly how I feel now. Major stomach twists, every time I think about move in day and freshers in general I get quite hot like i'm having to watch a cringey video of me in front of everyone I know, I can't stop day dreaming about it, I sort of want to hide under a duvet until it's all over and I know everything is OK.

Found out PBL groups today. Haven't found anyone else in mine... no-one to call "daddy" yet. (That's not as weird as it sounds for MMS)

Also got a million things to do tomorrow as I spent the whole of today in pyjamas trying to stop feeling sick at the thought I am moving out on Sat.

tick tock tick tock

So, under a week remains till both me and my mother make our journey in our respective cars up to Manchester as a new chapter begins. Suddenly I am overwhelmed with the number of things I need to do and the people I must see before I leave.

Opening up a student bank account with HSBC is far more trouble than I thought. At Nationwide, you rang up, talked to "Darren" for half an hour and before you knew it your debit card had arrived in the post and you were trying to buy half of Topshop because you can. So that's probably top of my priority list, opening up a student account.

I must also get my tyres checked. It seems I have a leaking tyre as I have to put more air into it every 3 weeks. I mean OK, so I filled it with air and drove it to London and back last week and nothing tragic happened but let's not risk it on the journey to Manchester with a car full of clothes, duvets and boxes full of pots and pans.

I must see my main gals before I go. I'll see them all so…

10 days to go

Officially 10 days, 11 sleeps to go before I move into university and I am so. frickin. excited.

Sure, i'm anxious and all that too but I think I have been out of work for so long it will be nice to finally do something.

My only (ha, I say only: what I mean is, these are the things keeping me awake at night) concerns are

The workload. I recently found out that someone I once knew very well (we're talking, 4 offers, 750+ UKCAT, attained AAA barely flinching) got kicked out of this very medical school. She failed semester 2, resat, failed again and was given the boot. This has scared the living daylights out of me, if my genius pal couldn't do it, why oh why am I even bothering? Yes, I realise this is a pretty poor attitude to have, as there could be many reasons behind this but this does not stop the ever lasting thought that I am just not good enough for this. I scraped my way in and may be I got 7 good rejections for a reason.The money. So I was worried a few weeks ago abo…