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Working with people you like

Anyone will tell you, you could be doing the crappiest job in the world... but if you're doing it with people you like, if you've got great work mates, you will always have more good days than bad.

I've got a colleague - she's a senior HCA and the first time I met her, I thought we were never going to get on, that I'd hate her, that I was gutted to have a senior that I already disagreed with. But as the days have gone on, I realised: holy shit she's fucking fantastic. One of those people that make you feel like you're capable of anything, all you want to do is impress her and earn her approval and be part of her life. The days that I get to work with her are the best days at work I've ever had.

May be it's the new hospital, may be it's being desperate for someone new in my life because all of my old friends are at uni... but honestly? I think she's just an incredible person.


I saw the e-mail, I screamed, I danced, ran around and wait. No-one was home. It was just me, sitting unwashed, unfed, my hair defying gravity and smell wafting through walls with no-one to celebrate with. Oh well! Off I went to have a shower, a cup of tea, rang my old principal to shout down the phone so loud it took him 5 minutes to understand the enormity of what I was telling him.
"You have a what? You're going to Manchester? What's at Manchester? Theres an interview? OH! YOU HAVE AN INTERVIEW AT MANCHESTER?!"

He didn't even bother hiding the surprise. Indeed I think I am one of the first (if not the first) batch of interviews to be sent out and we were certain I wouldn't make the cut off for the UKCAT. Well, well, well. Here I am.

I have to remember, I must calm my tits. I've been through this before, last year Liverpool invited me to interview, it went horrendously, they then dragged out a rejection until March. It was a very distressi…

Failed driving test and the New Job

So I failed my driving test. I think I've easily had 80 lessons and at £22 can understand just how pissed off I was. Don't get me wrong, I think my driving instructor is great and I'm not sure I would have got there any faster with anyone else. He explains everything well, gives me confidence and puts me at ease while constantly challenging me and pushing me to do better. I guess it was just one of those "on-the-day nerves things" since every single time I got to bite point, the tension in my right leg was just too much and it would shake violently. Like when your standing at the edge of a cliff. Not to be dramatic or anything. Next time!
I begin my induction at the big-new-fancy-much-closer-to-home hospital today. Oh how it's great to be back home within the hour. The induction, just like the last one is boring as hell but since this place is basically brand new and one of the (if not the) biggest in Europe it's obvious that they also want to …