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Lovin' Life 2K13

I was worried that I might feel real gutted (in a weird sort of way) when A-levels finished, that I might be so at loss at what to do, and feel a bit crappy but actually I feel great.

If your not watching it, watch The Newsroom (I think Sky Atlantic have it in the UK) - its by HBO, written by one of the guys from The Social Network, and Aaron Sorkin (THE WEST WING!!!!) - I have literally downloaded the whole season, and I love it.

I have been working shifts at my local sports ground - it's ACE. When there are big matches on or stuff, I just serve beer, work behind the bar, chill out with the other barmen, get talking to the punters, it's all fun. Quite often if I finish before the game has, I can walk straight into some fantastic seats flashing my badge (which doesn't actually permit me to do this) and have a dandy old time. It was actually the first time I ever saw sports live -  it was a huge match and the vibe was just brilliant.

And now, the big news. My previous post,…


Mixed emotions to be honest.

The BIOL5 paper was hard. There was so much how science works, I basically seemed to be doing an a-level in graphology. It wasn't fair at all on testing the knowledge I'd gained from the actual unit, as only 2 out of 12 topics came up! The essay at the end wasn't too bad. Overall, I think it was a mess in terms of structure, I was just throwing it all in willy nilly (love that expression) but I hope I've put in enough scientific content and breadth of topics to hit 15+ on it. This could be the paper that brings me to AAB.

C4 was an absolute delight. I messed up on the implicit differentiation question (4 marks lost) Note: when something is parallel to the y - axis, the gradient cannot equal 0, but = infinity. Hence the bottom half of your dy/dx should = 0!! But I think I've done really well on it, and cancelled out the disaster that M1 was.

CHEM5 was a disaster. Having not needed to retake anything this summer, this meant that I'd c…


So my exam timetable went like this:

Monday 13th May: RS resit AM, M1 Maths PM
Week 2: Nothing.
Week 3: Nothing.
Week 4: Nothing.
Week 5: Nothing.
Week 6: Monday: Biol5, Tuesday: C4 Maths, Wednesday: Chem5

We are currently at the end of week 4. With just a week till the 3 biggest exams of my life arrive to completely screw me over and release my paranoid - ever worried self, I am at the peak point of my stress. It's not that I don't feel prepared, I definitely do, but sometimes that's still not enough, and I've felt prepared before and completely messed exams up!

This is going to be the hardest revision week of my life. Better get to it!

I got a job!!!

Hoorah, yes, I have finally got a healthcare assistant job!

I went to an interview on Tuesday, at the same hospital as before (the one that was a bit far away) and as look would have it it was the same woman interviewing me! I thought i'd lost it as soon as I walked in, I mean she didn't give me the job before, why give me one now? Anyway, so she remembered me, and took care to ask me different questions to last time, (although I still stumbled on a couple of the same ones!).

At the end of the interview, I decided to take a risk, and face the concerns head on. I thought age, the fact that I'm not even 18 yet, might be a deterrent. I began, "Look, I know i'm young..." and she glanced up and asked, "How old are you by the way?" and when I replied "17," she almost jumped out of her seat.
"Goodness gracious me! Are you really? I thought you were a bit older than that at least! You seem so much more mature!"
"Well," I begam,…