New week new block

So on Monday I had my induction to my new block - Urology surgery at a DGH. Utter chaos. This is the firs time the DGH is considered a "teaching hospital". How though, when their organisation is the worst yet, is beyond me. I was given 3 different timetables. The cushy - 2 days a week situation I thought I had? Completely different.

Eventually I was told just to follow the one the surgeon had printed out for me. This involved always attending something morning and afternoon but little to no teaching. In fact the teaching he had scheduled us was actually MDT meetings on a Monday afternoon. While MDT meetings are great opportunities and I appreciate the invitation; that's not teaching. That's inviting me to a meeting you're already having. We left shortly after the induction.

Tuesday I had my first experience in surgery as a medical student. The patient was having a TURBT which was really cool to see and the consultant was brilliant. Took a lot of time out to teach us, ask us questions, motivate us, show us what was happening. I was dreading going into surgery, not prepared for the grilling and abuse the surgeons have a reputation for dishing out, but I was pleasantly surprised despite the yet again, poor organisation of arranging us for it. It took us 2 minutes to get the code for the changing room, to go and get theatre shoes to be told we need to be in scrubs to take them out, to go back to get theatre shoes, to get changed, to be sat around waiting for the anaesthetist, etc.

This morning I was on the surgical triage unit. I was following the other half of my groups firm lead. [My group was split into two groups of 4 each with a different consultant]. This guy, didn't acknowledge my presence for about 1.5 hours while I tailed him on the ward round. When he did it was to ask me if I was FY1. I was wearing my bright "Medical Student" lanyard the medical school give us. For crying out loud man.

After about 45 minutes of watching this guy whizz round the STU, examining patients without giving them much privacy, explaining things in a very slap-dash approach, and generally being a shitty communicator, I ditched it. I took some histories, presented a case and was observed doing an abdominal examination. That was everything I needed to do for the week done in the morning. The juniors were brilliant and helped.

Over the past two days I've got a solid few hours work in too. Filled in the themed cases that I had missed out from weeks ago. Revised jaundice / liver failure last night. Looked at headache management today.

As i've done pretty much everything I need to do this week, I'm taking the day off tomorrow. Could / should be on the ward round but with OSCE's looming I need to crack down on my history taking skills and revise some new examinations.

I think I would have actually really enjoyed this block if I had been based here earlier in the year. The 8am starts are becoming more bearable.