Mental block on a day off

OK, so I had another busy weekend which was fun, fun, fun. Really did not do much work, but on the positive side I did actually go to my part-time job for a change. Had lots of "How much longer are you really going to last?" conversations. Was absolutely exhausted because I'd been out all of Friday night, didn't sleep till 4, had to get up at 6 to drive my friend to the airport and then went to see my friend in Liverpool for the day. Then ended up not going to sleep till 3 because I had some friends round to chill and had to get up at 8 for work.

By the time I got back from work yesterday I had one of those 6 hour naps which really should have been me going to bed, but nope. So I did not get any work done over the weekend, which guys, is a direct result of me not being able to say "no" in many aspects of my life. Peer pressure kills me every time.

Today, I've (sort of, may be given myself) had the day off. I got up at a human hour, did some cleaning, sat down to do some work and my oh my, it has been a struggle. I've got all the PMS symptoms, i've had to lie down twice, nothing seems to be going in and I keep getting distracted. I've got an OSCE revision thing at the hospital later which I really am feeling too lazy to go to, but i've not got a valid reason to miss it. It might help, I worry that it's going to be a complete waste of an evening but at this point, nothing else seems to be going in.

I'm going to cook myself my dinner / lunch and hope to god that I get off my arse soon.