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This is where I'm at

2 weeks ago, after that horrendous set of nights I woke up for my day shift feeling like I'd had my head kicked in. I love day shifts, but I called in sick. I then called in sick for the duration of the week - and after last weeks vouch to never do night shifts again, I decided to be sick for the whole of this week too. Now I literally can't face going back to work on Wednesday.

I know I would be completely and utterly bored mindless without it, but it's a real struggle. I have to get some sort of sick note now an earth? I don't know what to do. I've been thinking about resigning but I sort of need the money now for my car insurance so I can't just quit without having something else... urgh.

My Profile

Something that helped me loads as a prospective medicine applicant was this thread on the student room, and since UCAS 2014 is over once more - I can share this years profile with you. Here is last years profile.

GCSE's:  1.5A* 7A's 3B's
A-Levels: AAAa (Chemistry, Biology, Maths and RS)
UKCAT: 702.5
Work Experience:
I did do a lot of work experience but in order to illustrate that it is quality not quantity I will only point out the things that I wrote about in my personal statement

1 week volunteering at vitalise hospice1 week cardiovascular surgery1 day A&EWorking as a HCA for several monthsExtra-Cirriculars: I was one of those rebellious losers who was "too cool for school," and didn't believe in going to any sort of club or school EC's and then when I was applying I realised how vital it was. To all future applicants I would say take up every opportunity you can during main school. From the age old phrase of "you'll regret what you don't d…

UCAS is over and a vouch

As you can assume by the title, I was rejected by Sheffield pre-interview. It did tear me apart, i'm not going to kid you but it also made crystal clear just how lucky I am to have gotten into medical school this year. The very possibility of applying to Manchester Medical School was put into jeopardy when UKCAT announced the average score had jumped up to 660 - where previously I was certain I would be above the cut off, it was suddenly no longer a sure thing. Their cut off was 702.5. My score was...702.5. So literally by the skin of my teeth. Moreover the other choices I was comfortable applying to - Leeds and UEA's admission policy seemed suddenly vague and unclear. Where Leeds changed their goalposts in the middle of the cycle having deceived every reapplicant, UEA's grading system for GCSE's wasn't as clear as I first thought - that was 2/4 of my choices gone in an instant.

Sheffield was a hit and miss as it was entirely dependant on my personal statement...bu…

Excitement building

I spent £60 on 3 glorified plastic boxes from Muji this week. I don't care what you say - they are fabulous. They're "clothes cupboards," that you can stack on top of one another and since I know for sure that I'll have more clothes than can possibly fit into that tiny wardrobe - these will be essential. I'm thinking I can slot them under my desk as I don't want them just lazing around taking up floor space. As well as that, I'm looking to buy their vanity cases so that I can have all my make up stuff hidden and organised, and also a little trolley / small stack of cupboards / trays / boxes where I can put the vanity cases along with hair dryer and other essential "getting ready" stuff.

Also been looking at stationary and the compulsory kitchenware. I am a moleskine girl through and through, their diaries are just fabulous. Quality, hard wearing and look wicked. I've been thinking about how I might organise my files though and if i'l…


So I've still been living off the high that was my Manchester Medical School offer - still can't quite believe the way things have worked out.

I have been rejected by Leeds and UEA (and praise the lord I got an offer before I got those rejections) and the only one I am still keenly waiting to hear from is Sheffield. I am desperate to hear from them soon as they've tweeted that they hope to have all the invitations to interview out by mid-feb, and I love Sheffield. Don't get me wrong I am chuffed to pieces to have an offer in the first place and I know it! I also withdrew from my 5th choice.

Today I bought my new MacBook Pro to last me through Uni! Needless to say I'm in love. We are definitely an Apple family and those classic consumerists that know they're paying a ridiculous amount for something that could be bought much much cheaper - but IMO there is no price on piece of mind.

Later on this month I'm going to spend some of my hard earned cash on boxes a…