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Something has changed on track

1930: My phone buzzes. It's an e-mail from track.
1931: I try to make sure I am reading it correctly. Having just got home that morning from a night shift, I get as delirious as some of the patients.
1932: I now know something has definitely changed on track.
1938: I give myself a serious talking to, about how if it's a rejection everything will be OK.
1945: Trying to calm myself down achieved nothing. I am having heart palpitations as I whip out the Macbook.
1946: I am suddenly dying for a wee. I try to put it off, but I am seriously on the verge of wetting myself, and how horrid would it be if I was a medical school reject and suddenly incontinent of my urine?!
1948: Back at the laptop post-wee. Shaking and typing.
I scream. Properly scream. A scream that only mom would recognise as a scream of joy. I basically don't bother running down the stairs, but more...aim to I take the steps 6 at a time.


Cue ringin…


I finally passed my driving test yesterday. I've had about 100 (yes, I know) lessons, and 3 tests all together, finally I scraped a pass!!

Then today I bought my car.

I am feeling so spoilt.

And that's all I wanted to say. I am so lucky to have everything I've ever wanted. I am spoilt.

Happy New Year

When I think 2014 - unlike any other year ever in my life, the first thing I think is potential. This year could turn out to be anything, I can go anywhere in the world, I can do anything I like, I am 18 years young and I am so, damn, free.

Before, I've had school or college to think about so there wasn't really a great deal of possibility that lay before me. Now I don't have to plan around anything or anyone but me - talk about liberating!! There is a bit of anxiety too, where will I be attending university, what will I be studying, where in the world should I choose to visit, when should I pack the job in, should I even pack the job in, would I like to try working in a different sector? But it's all exciting, because aside the whole university thing, for once - I have total control over my life, and I am totally in love with it.

So to other gap-year re-applicants, fall in love with life. Get excited over knowing you have every choice before you right now and you can …