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And we're not even half a doctor

So this summer I have been travelling around east Europe which was hella fun and got the "travel itch" now where I just can't wait to go again. I went to Budapest, Prague, Vienna and Berlin. Vienna was surprisingly amazing and Berlin was just incredible. I woud go back time and time again.

I've also just been doing a lot of overtime at work to keep the cash flow going and I've been trying to keep up with the gym too. It's been a bit difficult maintaining the good routine I had implemented before I went on holiday, during and after coming back. I had been eating, supplementing and working out really well up until then and I have been a bit slow to restart again. This has been compounded by the fact that I have actually had to start doing things for medical school again. An online 4 hour induction for e.g.

Then last Friday night my new, lovely flat got burgled. Someone, just came in the dead of the night, through the window, while I slept in the next room and t…