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please slow the fuck down

It's March already. What the hell is happening?

I'm two months away from sitting my Semester 4 exam and then i'm into clinical years. HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED SO QUICK???

I remember moving into halls like it was YESTERDAY. I remember doing my GCSE's and reading about 6 million other blogs from medical students at University reflecting on their clinical experiences and thinking about how far away it seemed, what a dream it would be to be in that position... it's actually blowing my mind.

I keep getting palpitations every time I look at my calendar and see how little time there is between breaking up for the summer and now. Technically my last ever proper summer. What the fuck am I doing with it? Jack shit it would seem. That's stressing me out - feeling like i'm not making the most of the time I've got.

I'm caught up in feeling like there is so much I need to do and trying to stay on top of everything while not freaking out and actually thinking I just …