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A very different specialty to anything i've ever known and yes, I mean different, not, a crock of shit. I was actually very prepared to hate it, the "wishy-washy" (cue every psych consultant rolling their eyes) parts of it but actually for the most part it's an area of medicine that is unfairly ignored for the "sexier" specialties. 
It is hard work too. Gone, are the images of sitting in a 3 grand arm chair listening to a patient talk about how being an only child ruined him. Instead, think of a cramped board room filled with more MDT members i've ever seen in general medicine, pacing patients, talking fast and loud,  illogical delusions, not stopping for breath for 8-9 minutes, answers to simple questions taking 24 different tangent. Think, vacant stares, auditory hallucinations, messages of suicide, completely mute patients, patients that require restraining in a 5:1 ratio - it's very hard work. 
It's interesting because you get so many patien…