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Gonna have to smash it

So about a year ago when I wrote a similar post about exam stress coming back along, I was super unsure and lost. This time around, I definitely feel more confident about what I need to do and how I need to do it but this time, the work is so much more complex (the brain. Why is it so abstract, theoretical and difficult???) and there is a great deal more to learn in depth.

Saying that, I'm looking forward tremendously to revising my ass off. I'm at my student house, home, alone. The other girls have gone back for christmas so it's just me, at my desk morning till evening, occasionally having a day or morning at work, cramming everything I can in. Had it been a year ago, the loneliness and lack of social interaction would have probably been enough to drive me off of a cliff edge but this time around it's so much better. I guess that comes with maturity, being more..."adult" and entirely satisfied with one's own company. It's a great place to finally be…

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

This week would be my "ECE week" however I seem to have done all my placements already! So thankfully, I can finally use this time to catch a breather on what has been an overall tough semester academically.
Neuroscience is incredibly interesting and I have grown to love it. Neuroanatomy will forever be something I remain in the dark with though, ha! This week I'll be revising the last few cases and hopefully getting myself organised for the last 2 weeks of term! Yesterday I had a PPD meeting (for my portfolio) but I can't help in thinking that it is just the most useless, tick boxing exercise I have ever been forced to do. Standards are kept incredibly high though, because if it's not done, you can literally fail the preclinical years and be asked to leave. The whole course. Forever. I've also learnt that tutors thoughts on it vary hugely too - some tutors literally only check to see if it's there without reading it, or commenting. Others (like mine) rea…