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Rejected from Liverpool

I was away at a 3-day-Model United Nations conference for  and hence didn't check my emails till 10pm. I flicked my emails down, allowing my iPhone to refresh, and there it was - the email from UCAS. I had thought about the possibility of hearing from UCAS on a Friday, but thought that this was entirely unrealistic, and that it would probably be Monday now. Boy, was I wrong.

I gasped in realisation, and threw my phone to a friend, sharing the same hotel room. I was immediately pacing up and down, shaking my hands, shaking with nerves. I kept telling myself that it would be fine, that there were still options, gap years are fine, there are so many things I want to do, all the whilst my friend logged me into track. The next thing I know, she is saying "Oh babe...", hugging me, while I am sobbing on the floor - I felt crushed. I kept telling myself and everyone around me, that it was a rejection, I just couldn't quite believe it when it came through.

Luckily, I had one …

Why isn't UCAS over?!

After resigning myself to a rejection from Aberdeen, and thus, counting 3 confirmed rejections overall all together so far, I really wish Liverpool would get back to me, and tell me either way, just so the process is over.

Word on the street is that it should be this week. Tomorrow even, which isn't doing anything for my stress levels at all. I'm finding it quite difficult to revise without an offer, let alone this weight on my shoulders. The whole medical-application process for me has been horrendous. It's been agony every step of the way.

I was ultimately, very disappointed with my GCSE's. Don't get me wrong, I didn't work for them until it was way too late, not knowing what I wanted to do. This was at a time where places like Birmingham medical school wanted 8.5A*'s minimum, and going to a top grammar school, most of my friends had at least 7A*s, and every one else had around 10. So when I got my 1.5A*s and 7A's I cried for weeks. I knew I was well …

Results and the RS story

Got the results of my January modules this week.
I got an A* in Chem4 hurrah!
And the rest A's thank lord, with a slight glitch with a C grade in my AS RS resit, but considering how little I did for it, I am very pleased! I swear to God, that subject will be haunting me for the rest of my life.

The story of R.S:

After getting an A* in it at GCSE, and my thorough enjoyment of the subject, I decided to take it to A-level. Now, despite the fact that I very well knew I couldn't write an essay to save my life, I wanted to have a crack anyway, as it was one of my favourite subjects. I spent the whole of my AS year, doing well in practise essays, and really enjoying my lessons, and generally having a really great time.

Come the AS exam, the question is brill, I feel prepared, I go ahead and write along. I walk out thinking I am pleased I have managed an A grade performance. Results come. C grade.

I decide that I would redo my worser-graded-paper in January, and drop the subject all t…

Future Plans

I was rejected from Keele yesterday. That was a huge blow to the system, I wasn't expecting it at all. Keele and Liverpool look for similar things in their applications, both of them are hugely personal statement based, and so I thought (perhaps rather arrogantly) that having been interviewed at Liverpool, I was due an interview at Keele. Apparently not *sigh*

I've decided I'm really not fond of Aberdeen's admission process. Bearing in mind, applications are handed in at the very latest, October 15th. And every single applicant is kept waiting till at least the mid March, interviewed, or not interviewed. I do not understand why they won't just reject the applicants they have absolutely no interets in interviewing. People like myself.

And it's just my only interview, Liverpool University to hear back from now. I am not holding out for this though. I am all too aware of the complete cringe-moments I had in that interview. It was so nerve racking, and it was my fi…