Broke down

Firstly, a quick apology if this is poorly written - I'm typing it on my phone as I go to sleep.

Today, I was meant to have a clinic in the outpatients. Arrived at outpatients (late, because that's just who I am) - no clinic anyway. Right, OK, I can still make the most of my morning I think to myself putting on my best PMA (positive mental attitude) despite me having the worst PMS I've had in a while. (Seriously, considering getting back on that contraception).

I went onto the surgical triage unit, where I had a successful morning last week. Consultant ignored me, reg ignored me, great. Decided it wouldn't do me a world of good to try to shadow them on the ward round, so asked a CT about good patients to get a history from and off I went. Met two lovely people, go a really poor history and left. Didn't want to examine the First Lady as her mum was asleep in the chair next to her and the gentleman I saw after was pretty deaf and not sure if at all with it.

I then spent the next hour trying to get some of my practical skills signed off to no avail. No junior doctors available. I went onto my surgical ward, found my other medical students. It was 0950. Ward round had not started yet, they looked bored. So bored. I left and went to the shitty computer room which takes 17 minutes to log onto a computer. 17 minutes!!! It's frickin 2017!!!

Had clinical debrief. It was so dry. Had an interesting discussion about how one surgeon asked a colleague to perform a DRE when they hadn't gained consent. dr thought he was doing student massive favour by giving him the opportunity to get signed off, student thought he was a massive prick for breaking all sorts of rules never mind basic human decency.

Travelling back, had the palava of my car breaking down. I am definitely one of those people that will really just try to drag their car home despite the smoking coming out of it and will just deal with it later. Not at rush hour in the middle of a busy junction. Called mum. She called me a disaster. Asked if I could get help on her roadside plan. Apparently not. Friend in car had roadside assistance thank god. They came out to me, replaced my cool thing and off I went. Took me a hell of a lot longer than planned to get home but at least I made it.

Came home, watched TV, did some work. Friend came over but had massive headache so we lay in bed and watched Girls.

Doctors appointment first rhing for me tomorrow and then work in the evening. No hospital for me, sigh.