Reframing my negative thoughts

"I won't pass my OSCE in December"

Why do I think this?

"Because it's a tough examination under huge time pressure and I don't do well under 6 minute pressure"

Reframe the thought

"There is a possibility I won't pass my OSCE, but my current track record with any OSCE is 100%, formative or not. I have done lots of practice under time pressure. I have done lots of revision and I have dedicated more time and effort to this OSCE throughout this half of the year than I ever have,"

"The OSCE is not a true representation of anyone's clinical ability,"

Its a pressure cooker for 6 minutes, it's about as close a thing as we have to assessing someone's clinical skill.

"It recreates some of the pressure and anxiety we might feel as a practicing doctor in a busy a+e where we are short staffed and short of time. It would therefore be most important to be able to highlight and rule out red flags, so you don't kill someone"