OSCE practice

I've practiced OSCE's before in a range ways - and mainly examinations, I've always tended to have down.

I would rehearse them in my room every morning - every single examination, and then every evening, practice on my flat mate - spin the wheel, go.

This time, I've got a month to go - and i'm not sure what stage I was a month before my OSCE's last time, but all I know is, I don't have a revision period and I am very scared. 

I've had a good go at 90% of the examinations and I think the rest will just be practice, practice and more practice. 

Yesterday, I got a group of 6 of us together and ran a little min-real-osce with my tutor playing the official timed buzzer and everything. I bought snacks, I bought mark schemes and I bought feedback sheets. It was really nice and I think I forgot the value of practicing with a range of different people who will call you out on different things. I think me and my flat mate by the end, were so confident and happy with it last year but we had very much gotten used to the way eachother did it...