So this next four weeks i'm on old age and complex health. I actually think i'm going to really enjoy this module, there's so many elements to it and I feel like Geriatricians have to juggle so many aspects of people care that I will learn a great deal.

It's mainly ward rounds and clinics for the 'elderly care' fortnight and my timetable is quite free-ing in order to really knuckle down for those all important OSCE's.

I'm getting lots of practice in at the moment which is good. I'm not quite at the stage where i'm running through everything every day which is concerning me, I want to be able to go through everything and if I think about all the elements to the OSCE I get stressed af. This week my priority is going to be to get histories down.

Also unbeknown to me, this is the first year that Opthomology and ENT will be assessed. I didn't know this before, so now i'm worried about all the new things they might try to assess which haven't been done before.

I'm going to start with making sure I can do a decent MSK history (Polyarthritis, mono arthritis' and Connective Tissue Diseases), Neuro (Headache, TLC, facial weakness, limb weakness) and then the monster that is Psych histories (Alcohol, Overdose, Mood disorder, Psychosis) - there's quite a lot to cover there so i'm not sure if i'll be able to get all those done this week but I'm really going to try to plough on through them this week.