26 Days to go Till OSCE

Stress 6/10
Last nights sleep 3/10
Average step count: 13.5k

I'm back on a tight schedule this week. The closer it gets to crunch time, the more meticulous I feel I have to be with my time, scheduling and priorities. Last weekend, I boarded the emotional rollercoaster for 48 extremely hormonal hours. I cried when a supermarket assistant was slightly rude to me. I bought a lot of chocolate and ate it all. Fuck it, I'm going out out.

This week, I've been ready to reset, recharge and go again. Last weekend was perhaps exactly what I needed, the stress I felt was just getting worse and worse probably due to a combination of things. On the back of that, i'm trying to keep more of an eye on my mental health and the things that are integral to it. 

For me, it is absolutely inevitable that my mental health deteriorates when I don't exercise, stay active throughout the day, eat well and sleep well. That's my absolute bare minimum. I can't even think about getting in some 'relaxation time' or playing sport with a friend or whatever, if i'm not doing those very basic things. I've learnt to make my mental health a priority above everything else, exam time or not; it does however, get more difficult to prioritise it as the stress increases. Staying up late to do an extra hour of revision or too can all to quickly lead to fewer hours sleep, then being overtired the following day and getting frustrated with my lack of concentration etc etc.

Bearing my Mental Health 5, my days currently go like this.

I wake up at 4am. I'm a morning worker, I love the morning. I'm not sure when it happened and i'm not even sure if I like it but i'm going with it for now. I am trying to do 15k steps / day > my fitness and body goals are on the back burner, but they haven't disappeared. All this means is that I walk to the library, rather than walking anywhere else. If it means I have to do it at 4am, fuck it. The bonus to this is that the library is really, really quiet. I can get my own room, I can make use of the whiteboard, the big screen, the lot. 

If I am not attending the hospital that day, I'll work until about 10am. Half way through, i'll pop into union and grab a coffee. I normally manage to get about 4 solid pomodoro hours in. I've not used this method in a while, but i've reverted back to it. I find it so much easier to complete tasks and 'get shit done' with this technique. 

I walk back, i'll grab something to eat and i'll head to the gym. Working out is my absolute saviour. Sometimes it's easier not to, sometimes i'm too tired but it's only 4x a week and i've still got strength goals that I know I want to achieve. Whatever happens, i'm vowing to you guys right now that I will attend. Even if I don't push the weight as much as I could or I find it challenging, I will show up. Showing up is half the battle.

I'll do another hour of work perhaps, even if it's just something light, i'll do something. Then i'll leave the house, it might be a lovely afternoon, I need to get out. Regular breaks, not just the 5 minute pomodoro ones, but also doing other things, keeps me going.

By this point, it's usually early afternoon. I'll come back, I'll do a couple more hours work, but by 6pm, I am done. Finito. I get up at 4am so that I can finish working by 6 and be in bed by 8.