What the week has looked like

To give you an idea of what my weeks have looked like this is it. It's me getting up at 0630, run through all the possible examinations (e.g. Thyroid, Cardio, etc) and plan every single minute from then on until I go to bed at 9pm. You'll notice I take m y time at the gym and try to have a leisurely lunch to give myself a break from the onslaught of it all. + going to the gym wears me out so it takes a while to build back up again!

Occasionally, e.g. Thursday = rest day, I give myself a few hours to do sweet f a. I really needed it too because I had hit such a strong mental block that a few hours to watch Gogglebox and have a couple of non-dietary-included biscuits was just what worked. When you plan your days like this, there is no level of spontaneity - when you call your mum, when you get your eyebrows done, when you eat and what you eat is all completely planned out. It just means thats a shitload less for me to worry about. I can't tell you how easy it would be to do nothing if I didn't have a clear plan about what I should do.

Saying that - I am now sick of this. While I am now very good at dragging my body out of bed in the morning, I am not particularly enthused to run through how I do a Thyroid examination for the millionth time. If it wasn't an OSCE - I would be concentrating more on the stuff I don't understand rather than the stuff I do completely get but the difference between an OSCE and written exams is that practise literally does make perfect.