A week to go

So at this point, I've been getting up at 0630 every day now. By some sort of miracle, i've learnt not to snooze on snooze on snooze, I actually... like, get up. It's very strange and satisfying. I get up at 0630, I work work work till about 6pm, but with at least 4-5 hours of that being made up with going to the gym and having snack breaks. Gotta get dat protein.

I spend the first two hours just running through all of the examinations. Cardio, respiratory, peripheral vascular etc - all 7, and then I write down on my whiteboard what I missed from all of them and i'm like OK - can't miss that next time.

Then I flick between doing history taking, explanations, etc using the pomodoro technique. I was recently given a list of the past stations - and I'm feeling a lot more relaxed by it. I also feel a bit like a cheat. I am going through every single example station from previous years and making sure I can nail it, using flashcards and tings. There's a running theme pretty much in terms of the sorts of histories they have, it's mainly the differential that changes. Either way, this reminds me of A-level me more than ever and all I can think is, dat bitch is baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

This morning is the first morning I've not jumped out of bed. I'm on my period, which isn't actually that heavy this month, but that's the only thing I can think of that might be making me feel this rough. Well that and pure exhaustion. I've also been going to the gym every day and it feels amazing. I am really managing to push myself again which I'm enjoying. I am also for the first time since I was born pretty much drinking water. I can't tell you what a chronically dehydrated person I am generally. I can not wee all day. I can go without drinking water for weeks, getting my hydration from other caffeinated drinks instead. My wee  is always the colour of beer. And yet now, here I am, drinking 3 litres a day, never feeling like I'm starving to death, feeling...better. I have also accidentally given up smoking. It wasn't intentional, I accidentally put a massive pack of tobacco through the wash and then it became unsmokeable. I was so pissed off that I vowed to not buy another packet for a fortnight (which I never normally stick to, the first inkling that I'm stressed i'm all 'PASS ME A LIGHTER') but somehow, with only 1 cheeky fag last Monday I have done it and with very very little effort. Something else I put down to drinking shit loads of water and going to the gym. Am I glad I've done this right before my OSCE? Not, at, all.


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