Is this the OCD kicking in?

So as of this morning, i've got 10 days till my OSCE on Thursday. There is something about being filled with high panic and knowing i've got a lot of work to do for an exam, that kicks me into the land of crazy revision weirdness.

The night before,  I try to plan my next day as clearly as I can with an hour-by-hour run down of everything I'm going to do. I use the pomodoro technique so have a timer on every minute I am working or not working. I get up at 0630 because I recently watched this ted talk. I know I work better in the mornings and in the evening, I can't seem to function. So whether i'm sat in bed or asleep - it doesn't make a difference, i'm still not working. However, if I was to be sleeping, than I am getting some good quality rest in and I'll be able to rise earlier. That's a win. So, I go to bed no later than 10pm too.

I schedule in some gym time as a priority. I stopped going for about 5 weeks over February and I began to feel really shit about myself. I don't need that again. Getting up and working so early means I can schedule gym time and not feel guilty, it also means that I don't need to be working in the evening past 6pm anyway. Win, Win.

Since I am back at the gym, I have naturally started to watch what I eat again. I'm all about macros and so i'm all about weighing my food. I appreciate this does literally make me look like i'm on the verge of entering a full-blown disordered eating situation, but I really want to highlight that I weigh my food so that I can eat as many calories as possible, not the other way round!

As I was running through my day to day with a friend last night; I think she got worried though! She asked me whether this was the start of OCD. I laughed. It's not that weird though right? I'm just super focused on my aims and goals right now and I am exerting any control I have, to achieve them. I feel like the old A-level me, is out in full swing minus the fitness and weighing food. Which thank God I have, or I would never leave the house. Saying that she said coming from St Andrews and all the weird things people did over there, I looked tame!


  1. It sounds like I am quite similar to you in my working habits, I'm an early morning worker and like to go to bed early because don't tend to be very productive in the evenings. If I have got a lot of work to do I quite like to schedule the day into chunks (even planning what to have for lunch/dinner) because it just takes out any thinking effort for the subsequent day. The only problem is often you schedule a little more than you think you can do so don't despair if you don't hit the targets! Otherwise I'm with you, there is so much out of our control in these situations so why not focus on what you can control to reach your goals :)


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