Final Week of Final Block

[Sorry, I can't seem to correct the format of my last post so may be whip your binoculars out for a read!]

This is my final week of my final placement for the year. My god it has flown by. It's also 2 weeks until the real OSCE and that's what I'm gearing up for. Placement commitments have definitely taken a back seat as I spend every day trying to nail everything I can for OSCE's.

Today I went over Cardio exam (which actually took a lot longer than I thought1). Murmurs seem to go straight over my head too so that took some time. I looked at IBS explanation and treatment. I did a bit on history taking but was absolutely knackered by the afternoon. I practised a cardiology exam and thyroid exam on my friends after dinner too - and am getting a bit more confident that I should finish the exam within the pressured time but this is bearing on mind i'm practising on normal people!

I also went back to the gym today for the first time in 5 weeks. God it felt good. I had recently got into a patter of studying and going out pardying and there being no in between. I fell off the wagon with my exercise and food since christmas and I desperately needed to get back on it. I'm hoping to start training with a PT online as well from April so that should be exciting.

It just got really difficult after christmas to try to revise for OSCE's, have a job, still attend all my placement commitments, do the weekly themed case and still have a life. So some things took a back seat but I feel now is a good time to reset since I've got study leave from work for a few weeks. So for now, the next few weeks at least I can refocus on treating my body well, exercising for my mental health and revising for my exams. I can get back to having a life when I don't have exams looming over me, work will restart and that will be fine - I look forward to even doing some overtime for some more monies and I won't feel so bad about having a big sesh on the weekend when there is no placement to attend on Monday.

Better get off to bed now - I want this week to be early nights and early mornings!