tick tock tick tock

So, under a week remains till both me and my mother make our journey in our respective cars up to Manchester as a new chapter begins. Suddenly I am overwhelmed with the number of things I need to do and the people I must see before I leave.

Opening up a student bank account with HSBC is far more trouble than I thought. At Nationwide, you rang up, talked to "Darren" for half an hour and before you knew it your debit card had arrived in the post and you were trying to buy half of Topshop because you can. So that's probably top of my priority list, opening up a student account.

I must also get my tyres checked. It seems I have a leaking tyre as I have to put more air into it every 3 weeks. I mean OK, so I filled it with air and drove it to London and back last week and nothing tragic happened but let's not risk it on the journey to Manchester with a car full of clothes, duvets and boxes full of pots and pans.

I must see my main gals before I go. I'll see them all soon anyway I know but it's nice to sort of draw a line under this year in a way.

And then it's buying the last few bits and bobs. Buy a few lever arch folders, get that other moleskine (I have 2, but this one I really need ;) ), get that trickle charger.

I have begun working on a few things for University what with the stress of the workload already freaking me out and since we have our L.O's and more than a few very helpful and willing 2nd years I thought I may as well crack on. It's taken me about 3 days to learn the ovarian cycle. I'm not shitting you.

I guess I am having to remember how I learn things in the first place, get back into the rhythm of learning and teaching yourself things. Then there is even knowing where to begin, no-i'll-use-this-book-no-wait-i'll-use-this-one and going back and forth like that is a serious waste of time so just getting used to the materials I have is hard enough. And then there is taking it seriously. Because my mind is so full of other woes, I have little room to be thinking I must crack on with the endometrial cycle because it is going to come up in 4 weeks time when I'm a bit occupied with, shit-me, I haven't organised my clothes drawer and I leave in 4 days time.

So yeah a lot to do. Guess i'll just roll back into bed till I'm brave enough to face it.