OK it's getting surreal now

You know when you're weeing on a pregnancy test and you're feeling super weird about whether you're pregnant...? Yeah me neither, but how I imagine you feel then, is exactly how I feel now. Major stomach twists, every time I think about move in day and freshers in general I get quite hot like i'm having to watch a cringey video of me in front of everyone I know, I can't stop day dreaming about it, I sort of want to hide under a duvet until it's all over and I know everything is OK.

Found out PBL groups today. Haven't found anyone else in mine... no-one to call "daddy" yet. (That's not as weird as it sounds for MMS)

Also got a million things to do tomorrow as I spent the whole of today in pyjamas trying to stop feeling sick at the thought I am moving out on Sat.


  1. Hope all goes well!

  2. How is it?
    I hope your first week went well :) Did anything really unexpected happen?

    If you have time stop by and visit my blog ( http://landofsoap.blogspot.co.uk/) about medical school and life, I have only been back 1 week,


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