2 weeks in

And I am so sick of the lectures on punctuality. About 9 professionals have stood in front of us telling us that if we're so much as a minute late, it's equivalent to not turning up at all and it's up to the lecturers discretion to let us stay.

I get that punctuality is important and I am sure it would do everyone a lot of good of getting into the punctual habit but I think that's just a step too far. Bearing in mind you're only allowed 3 absences a term, if one day you miss the bus, another day you oversleep and another day the fire alarm goes off - well you'll be seeing the head of the department.

The introductory lectures are pretty much soul destroying. I'm pretty sure that they are simply trying to fill in the time so that we feel like we are in uni enough. I had a lecture on PBL groups. And then another lecture on working in groups.... er?? Plus it seems pretty obvious that they are really dragging out their points....

Other wise this is taking some more getting used to than I thought it would. I was visibly upset for a few days, it was heartbreaking walking away from my mom on that move in day and I still don't really feel like i've found my "group". Don't get me wrong I have met some pretty cool people, my medic mummies are amazing but I probably built this whole thing up a lot and often wonder why I haven't found those close friends. The whole uni experience is very surreal and it still feels like i'm on some sort of residential trip and will be going home soon.


  1. any more updates?

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