UCAS is over and a vouch

As you can assume by the title, I was rejected by Sheffield pre-interview. It did tear me apart, i'm not going to kid you but it also made crystal clear just how lucky I am to have gotten into medical school this year. The very possibility of applying to Manchester Medical School was put into jeopardy when UKCAT announced the average score had jumped up to 660 - where previously I was certain I would be above the cut off, it was suddenly no longer a sure thing. Their cut off was 702.5. My score was...702.5. So literally by the skin of my teeth. Moreover the other choices I was comfortable applying to - Leeds and UEA's admission policy seemed suddenly vague and unclear. Where Leeds changed their goalposts in the middle of the cycle having deceived every reapplicant, UEA's grading system for GCSE's wasn't as clear as I first thought - that was 2/4 of my choices gone in an instant.

Sheffield was a hit and miss as it was entirely dependant on my personal statement...but still, I thought my personal statement was good. That HCA experience, work experience, volunteering was all over it!! But hey, it's extremely subjective and I get that.

So indeed, whilst UoM wasn't my first choice I am absolutely thrilled to have a place there, it's a great city, some of my friends from school are studying there and I have no doubt I will make the absolute most of it regardless. (Providing I don't end up in Preston :P)

Now for the vouch. I hereby vouch to never do another set of night shifts as a HCA. I swear to you, I feel like a dead dog. It's not even that the shift was particularly bad or heavy, I am just bored shitless trying to stay awake, not doing any actual patient care, feeling quite lonely and am as miserable as hell after them! For me - it's just not worth it. I don't get to see my family or speak to my friends because I sleep all day... urgh. No way, no more. Every other week can kiss my ass.