Excitement building

I spent £60 on 3 glorified plastic boxes from Muji this week. I don't care what you say - they are fabulous. They're "clothes cupboards," that you can stack on top of one another and since I know for sure that I'll have more clothes than can possibly fit into that tiny wardrobe - these will be essential. I'm thinking I can slot them under my desk as I don't want them just lazing around taking up floor space. As well as that, I'm looking to buy their vanity cases so that I can have all my make up stuff hidden and organised, and also a little trolley / small stack of cupboards / trays / boxes where I can put the vanity cases along with hair dryer and other essential "getting ready" stuff.

Also been looking at stationary and the compulsory kitchenware. I am a moleskine girl through and through, their diaries are just fabulous. Quality, hard wearing and look wicked. I've been thinking about how I might organise my files though and if i'll be going a similar way to the way I arranged my a-level stuff. Folders, dividers, and polypockets are all a must; as well as the essential uniball V5 pens in black and red and a good stock of Oxford paper refills (if it ain't Oxford paper - I sure as hell won't be writing on it) but my main dilemma is, do I buy proper "notebooks" ? Like the ones you used in class for lessons and things? I love the idea but I don't think it's practical. I would want to annotate my notes pre - lecture, add to them during lecture and then organise them / write them up / revise them post - lecture but it's obviously quite difficult to rearrange and rewrite certain sections of material if it's all bound in a notebook. Hmm...we'll have to see, can't wait!!

In other news, I still haven't heard anything from Sheffield. I'm getting more and more anxious as time flies by though. Booked tickets to London next weekend - haven't been in aaaages and absolutely must make a point of going to Sheffield to see my friends and possibly squeeze in a trip to Cardiff too!

I am not a fan of work right now, particularly as I'm on nights for the next 3 days. It's probably the most depressing thing ever to be awake all day counting down the hours till you have to go to work. I find night shifts very depressing. Yes they're easy shifts, but as someone that constantly needs that people contact - I want to kill myself after 3 nights because I've barely spoken to anyone and feel like all I do is work. I will not be afraid to call in sick on mental health grounds. I'm in a position where I'll only take up work I want to do - it's my gap year, the job has served its purpose, I'll do what I want, ta. Sort of gritting my teeth and accepting it for now - but I won't for much longer!

Otherwise just trying to motivate myself to at least go to the gym once a week. I pay a membership every bloody month and I haven't been for the last 3.