Rejected from Liverpool

I was away at a 3-day-Model United Nations conference for  and hence didn't check my emails till 10pm. I flicked my emails down, allowing my iPhone to refresh, and there it was - the email from UCAS. I had thought about the possibility of hearing from UCAS on a Friday, but thought that this was entirely unrealistic, and that it would probably be Monday now. Boy, was I wrong.

I gasped in realisation, and threw my phone to a friend, sharing the same hotel room. I was immediately pacing up and down, shaking my hands, shaking with nerves. I kept telling myself that it would be fine, that there were still options, gap years are fine, there are so many things I want to do, all the whilst my friend logged me into track. The next thing I know, she is saying "Oh babe...", hugging me, while I am sobbing on the floor - I felt crushed. I kept telling myself and everyone around me, that it was a rejection, I just couldn't quite believe it when it came through.

Luckily, I had one of the most fantastic teachers ever known in history with me on this trip. And she spent a good hour and half sitting next to me while I cried into my duvet, telling me that this would all get better. Thank god she was there!

And there you have it. My 4th rejection.

Hello gap year.