Future Plans

I was rejected from Keele yesterday. That was a huge blow to the system, I wasn't expecting it at all. Keele and Liverpool look for similar things in their applications, both of them are hugely personal statement based, and so I thought (perhaps rather arrogantly) that having been interviewed at Liverpool, I was due an interview at Keele. Apparently not *sigh*

I've decided I'm really not fond of Aberdeen's admission process. Bearing in mind, applications are handed in at the very latest, October 15th. And every single applicant is kept waiting till at least the mid March, interviewed, or not interviewed. I do not understand why they won't just reject the applicants they have absolutely no interets in interviewing. People like myself.

And it's just my only interview, Liverpool University to hear back from now. I am not holding out for this though. I am all too aware of the complete cringe-moments I had in that interview. It was so nerve racking, and it was my first interview, and both the blokes staring me out didn't give me any sort of facial acknowledgement that I was along the right lines when I spoke. Traumatic.

So what next? I've obviously been forced to reconsider what my path might be in August/September. My personal tutor has been egging me on to look at UCAS extra. I finally did yesterday, and there are some excellent BSc courses available in extra, at some very excellent universities - universities I would love to go too.

However, I know in my heart of hearts that if I did another degree first, I could consider attempting to transfer in the first year, yes, but that would be so competitive, with only a handful going through, and then GEM is even more competitive with qualified, well experienced nurses going for them, pharmacists, people with way more than experience than I would at 21 fresh from a BSc. Its definitely an option, but I would really like to get in as an undergrad first.

This of course requires me to get my grades first. January module results are out on Thursday. Can't decide if I should take my mum or not. On one hand she works herself up so much, and stresses me out so much more, and on the other hand, I would really like to have her support there. And anyway, I can't really reapply if I don't even have the grades to start with.

Bare with me, I'm feeling pretty low.