and with a "fuck off" my landlord slammed the door.

Living in a house, with 3 other girls hasn't always been rosy perfect. Shared housing is never 100% smooth or easy - there were the occasional disputes between us; mainly about money which is just awkward for everyone involved but overall, it was lovely. We ended up hardly ever seeing eachother which was also fine, just in and out the house with very different timetables.

It was an absolute horror however, from move in day till move out day with our landlord. He would send us vicious e-mails. It started with on move in day, mine and my house mates keys wouldn't actually work. They didn't lock the door except on fluke; this meant that we couldn't both leave the house (with all of our possessions in) at the same time. It's not the problems with the house, or the dodgy locks or how these were addressed that upset us. It was how he insisted on responding to our queries with vindictive, malicious language. Professionalism just did not register on his radar.

I recall at one time, him implying that the bed frame had broken because I had literally fucked someone in it till it broke. I remember his creepy comments about my other housemate bordering on predatorial. Over easter when I said I wouldn't be vacating the property, he said he would be arriving every day to check if I was in. His threats, his lies, his attempts at turning each of us against eachother. His constant character assassinations were draining - he would forever refer to me being a medical student and how he had "grave concerns for my future patients" whenever something went wrong with the house. Even as I type this I am becoming increasingly infuriated. Why is there not a black list register for landlords that are out there to intimidate, threaten and violate student rights? Why is there nothing out there to protect us?

Even today, at the 11th hour, myself and all of my housemates parents have scrubbed this place clean. Left it in far far better condition that of which we found it. Pristine, not a coat hanger left (he said he would charge us £100 per item that was left behind).

"Any major issues Sanjay?" I ask.
"Several. You've missed a bit of dirt there by the way," he says, pointing at some dust that has gathered behind the door.
I grimace. I exhale quietly and turn away.

As I leave, all 12 months of being tortured by this meek, horrible man rush out of me "I would like to say it's been a pleasure Sanjay, but unfortunately it's felt like you've bullied us all throughout this tenancy and I surely to god will wonder how you sleep at night,"

I stand in the doorway, one leg in, one leg out facing him dead on.
"Alright. You can fuck off now." he says pushing me to one side and slamming the door in my face.

And there you have it, forever as professional and polite as I've ever known him.