2nd Year Done (Hopefully)


After yet another hard slog of library days, 7am starts and draining evenings, I have finished my second year of medical school. (Touch wood I don't have to resit). It feels very very weird... I remember reading about students finishing phase 1 years ago and thinking about how far away that felt. How different the moral of the NHS was back then too... how different my own morale was.

I am excited for things to change next year, to be mainly hospital based and in a new way of learning. I'm also quite sad that so many of my friends are having to move to 'de-Press'ton (Preston) and that I won't get to see them quite as often. I value them hugely and they've become a massive part of my support system here, so them moving away does feel with me a slight sense of misery. Change isn't always great either, I've only just got accustomed to PBL and the rhythm of learning like this but what with so many new changes being implemented into the third year here i'm not sure anyone has any confidence that it's all going to come together. Things like "Applied Personal Excellence Pathway" which was previously in Year 4 has been moved down to Year 3 but i'm not convinced this was a great move. For students at other medical schools, PEP is a bit like SSC's. You pick a topic you're interested in and you get to complete a sort of module on it, all of your own back and research. The idea of APEP is that you pick the tutor that you would like to support it / guide you through it. Now this can be anyone, a consultant, a tutor, a lecturer; whatever. But in third year, we would have had a very limited exposure to meeting these professionals; in fact only about 6 months. When asked how we would "meet" these people, our head of year said we should "ask the people in the year above". That's not convincing is it?

We've also got rid of clinical partners in third years. The original idea was that clinical partners were the one other person you picked and went onto placements with and this was particularly necessary for GP placements which you often had to travel to some distance away. Since getting rid of GP placements in year 3 this is no longer necessarry and will allow us to spend more time working with a wider range of people than we other wise would, if say, we were confined to our Clinical Partner. Again, it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

I'm moving out of my 4 bed house into a 2 bed flat, so I'm quite looking forward to doing it up super nicely, it being fairy lights galore and eating breakfast by our bay window but I worry the reality will be very different. If it's anything like some of the medic boys' houses i've been in basically be a storage room for pizza box towers...