Why can't everyone just be competent at their job? Why? HR have managed to fuck up my resignation in spectacular style. You will see from the post below that in my letter of resignation there are 2 clear sentences which must be adhered to:
The week beginning 4th August will be my final working week. I hope to take any outstanding annual leave after this date. 
 Who then, in their right mind thought "Oh, so we'll give her all her annual leave before the week beginning 4th August so actually that week is her final non-working week,". WHO? Please, tell me if my wording is too ambiguous because I am really struggling.
But, I get it. We're all are human. Mistakes are made, words are being misunderstood (I don't possibly understand how in this situation, but let's ignore that) and there could always be some confusion. So pick up the fucking phone. COMMUNICATE. Query it, ask me, ask anyone just don't carry on as you are making it up as you go along and hope that it's all OK.
Finally, after you have finalised all the wrong shit and written it in a letter - don't fail to give me that letter till 2 weeks after you wrote the fucking thing. 2 weeks later mean it's now too late for me to challenge all these wrong dates. 2 weeks later mean it's already gone through. Fucking idiots.

So Sunday is my last day.

The reason behind my frustration here is that due to her almighty cock-up, I won't be getting a pay packet in August. Which also means i'm over a grand down in September. The same grand that I was using to pay for a few more vital uni things and part of my wild holiday fund. Fuck that now.