2 months to go

This week I have been driving everywhere. I went to see my brother in Leeds (had the most horrendous journey coming back - what should have been a 2 / 2.5 hour journey turned into a 3.5 hour crawl), then went to Sheffield to help my friend move into her new digs and now later this week I'm going back to London! The array of night shifts haven't helped - I was awake from 00:00 to 06:00 earlier, cultivating in a McMuffin, watching BBC bitesize on BBC2 and an unhealthy amount of cheese and crackers.

It was so exciting to see my brothers flat for final year and also my friends house whom she is sharing with 5 others is so cool. SO cool. Makes me buzz for second year and I haven't even gotten to first year yet! Speaking of first year, it's about 2 months to go, 5 weeks till I stop working... was reading through my old blog entries and feeling really nostalgic last night. Also felt that huge gaping hole which should be filled with friends and going out... but recently is just empty. I guess it's nice to be going to university with a couple of my precious friends whom I've had for a long time but otherwise going in fresh and starting from scratch. Will also be nice to meet people who didn't know my 14 year old oh-so-embarrassing-and-quite-greasy-tomboy-self haha.

I have been to Habitat, bought a set of 4 bowls, side plates, main plates and mugs which were on sale, bought some plastic tumblers, (didn't see a great point of buying glass when they will be thrown down the stairs in a wild moment). Next thing on my list is some new pyjamas (my current ones basically consist of a t-shirt + pants - this will not look so good when those bushy unshaven legs are strolling around) and some cutlery. I am really having to hold back from going majorly wild with my stationary... I've almost cried in Muji the desire to buy has been so strong.

Edit: and also UoM really need to pull their finger out in regards to sorting my accommodation...