Summer plans

I drove to London and stayed with my Aunty last week. Despite some scarier moments when the rain chucked it down in buckets, all in all it was a doddle. Quite loving the idea of summer drives down there on a hot weekend...

I've also gotten off my backside and sorted out what my abroad plans are:

1. To take all my paid leave from the mid August - end of August. This means I am present for the hoo-har of my uncles wedding in the earlier weeks of the month and I sort of escape the crazy prep of back-to-schoolness (since my mums a teacher and all) in the later weeks of the month. Also means I don't have to go to work all bummed out that i'm working during the summer because i'll be on a beach in Marrakech sipping fresh Mango juice.
2. Go to Morocco and backpack around for 3 - 4 weeks. This also means that I'll get my final(ish - I'll be getting all my tax back too once I have P45 YAY!) pay check on the last Weds of August so if I start getting short of cash while I'm out there, I've got more funding coming in.
3. Return early sept giving me a good fortnight to make arrangements for my going-to-uni-ness.

It's weird how quickly I got all those plans together, but then I've always been quite spontaneous and one to move quickly. 10 days ago, I had no idea if I would be going abroad at all and now I have a full on itinerary planned out, something major to look forward to and I can actually begin counting down the days till my last day at work. It'll be a dream come true and I cannot wait.