Having problems?

Work for 12.5 hours a day for the next few days. Honestly, nothing works so well.

There is something slightly tragic about coming off a stint of shifts though. When we were at school and we'd been to a great party or whatever climax it was that month, we'd all be grieving in what we called the "come down" period together. It's similar to that in a way, if you don't have anything planned you literally don't know what to do with yourself. This is pretty much a testament to how much I love my job and what with time flying to my leaving date, I am even more appreciative of the opportunity i've had. I went back to read of one of my favourite graduate medic blogs and read some of his posts (about 6 years old now, christ!) about what it was like to work as a HCA... particularly his post about finally leaving and his first week at medical school. Highly worth a read, even if he has graduated now! I was also going back through some of my own posts, like my vouch to never do a night shift again (must have been on-the-rag when I wrote that one!) and when I was alarmed at how quick time was going by. Even Kimi's blog set the fear of god in me because oh-my-god, this gap year is nearly over.

In my non-work hours however, I have been watching OITNB. I am totally gay for that show. I watch loads of great series, Breaking Bad, the West Wing, Nurse Jackie, House of Cards etc etc, but I think OITNB is probably my favourite programme I have ever seen. It's so refreshing seeing the best female ensemble cast put together with hilarious, honest and fantastic writing. I have seen the whole series twice now.

To all other readers working in a hospital, do you ever just think about how close you are to being sued every day? The other day, due to safeguarding issues one lady wasn't allowed any visitors whatsoever until social had fully checked out the situation. We had an external agency A-grade accidentally let them all pile into her room by accident. Or when Bed 34's ear was totally fucked up because we as a team forgot to keep checking his ears for sores as a result of the nasal specs. Or when bed 36 happened to be boarding on the train, just as the sister from our ward was getting off...

Speaking of bed 36, since when we were chasing around individuals who are entirely compos mentis forcing them to return back to the ward for treatment they can't be bothered to have? Since when were we being asked to take down sound, able patients for cigarettes to watch them beg strangers outside for one. Since when were we spending such valuable time and resources convincing patients that don't want to be treated to "just stay another night". This might sound really undoctorly and really horrible but if you don't want to be in hospital and don't want to be treated you want to be treated but only with everyone running around after you like you're the fucking queen, and think you can treat all the staff cleaning you, making you coffee and fetching you food (even after you've told the diner lady to fuck herself) you can fuck off.