Failed driving test and the New Job

So I failed my driving test. I think I've easily had 80 lessons and at £22 can understand just how pissed off I was. Don't get me wrong, I think my driving instructor is great and I'm not sure I would have got there any faster with anyone else. He explains everything well, gives me confidence and puts me at ease while constantly challenging me and pushing me to do better. I guess it was just one of those "on-the-day nerves things" since every single time I got to bite point, the tension in my right leg was just too much and it would shake violently. Like when your standing at the edge of a cliff. Not to be dramatic or anything. Next time!

I begin my induction at the big-new-fancy-much-closer-to-home hospital today. Oh how it's great to be back home within the hour. The induction, just like the last one is boring as hell but since this place is basically brand new and one of the (if not the) biggest in Europe it's obvious that they also want to be the best. They have very high standards. For a start, this induction isn't some 2 days sat listening to people talk at you. This induction is a week long, where mid-week we will split into our relative bands for advanced training. That includes stuff like learning how to do the obs on their computer system and stuff that I was normally just shown how to do "on the job" before. 

Also the weirdest thing happened: I rang up my new ward to get my off duty and there was this confusion with the sisters and it was really getting on my tits, like what is so hard about finding my name on the off-duty? Is it not there? Am I not on this ward? What is happening?!

It turns out there is a girl with the same first name as me and weirder still, I KNOW THIS GIRL!!! She's a friend of a friend if you like and she lives in my area so we always randomly bump into eachother at train stations and bus stops and things and have a quick catch-up on the way to places. It makes me so relieved to know that I already know someone on the ward that a) is my age b) that I like! Yay!!!

Last week all universities were given our UKCAT scores, so now pretty much all of my universities have all the information they need in order to rank us for interview...cue the pretty much non-stop refreshing of TSR and my e-mails. I went to Sheffield again to visity my friend at uni for her birthday. Whilst it was great and everything, it ended up being a bit of a sour night for me and I just wanted to come home. It's always bitter sweet going to see friends at uni because yes I always have a great time but then I come home knowing that I should be there, that I just want to be at university doing the course that I want to do, have worked so hard for and I know I can be good at.

Come on now, I know you want me University of Leeds. Come and get it. No? How about you Sheffield? I see you often enough. It's like your whispering my name every time I walk by to visit friends. Your such a tease. East Anglia better want me. I'm so perfect for them. We'd be great together... please. Manchester. If you cut me off because my UKCAT isn't good enough, I'll be back to cut off your electric supply. I will come down, and rip out your admission computers so you have to start again. So you may as well just save yourself the trouble and interview me.

Am I going crazy?