Pretty Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet campus
I saw the e-mail, I screamed, I danced, ran around and wait. No-one was home. It was just me, sitting unwashed, unfed, my hair defying gravity and smell wafting through walls with no-one to celebrate with. Oh well! Off I went to have a shower, a cup of tea, rang my old principal to shout down the phone so loud it took him 5 minutes to understand the enormity of what I was telling him.
"You have a what? You're going to Manchester? What's at Manchester? Theres an interview? OH! YOU HAVE AN INTERVIEW AT MANCHESTER?!"

He didn't even bother hiding the surprise. Indeed I think I am one of the first (if not the first) batch of interviews to be sent out and we were certain I wouldn't make the cut off for the UKCAT. Well, well, well. Here I am.

I have to remember, I must calm my tits. I've been through this before, last year Liverpool invited me to interview, it went horrendously, they then dragged out a rejection until March. It was a very distressing few months. Still... I am so excited. This could be the beginning of my journey through medical school - eeeek!!!!!

The next bit is the worrying bit. I spend forever looking up all things Manchester, I've even got an (ex?)-friend at the very medical school. I read every medically related question I can find, I stalk their website. There are some things that stick out in my memory from what I've read about Manchester medical school. Firstly - they were big on PBL. I don't know if they still are, but Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow were the PBL pioneers - I'll need to double check to see if they still are. It's definitely mentioned in their course outline but it doesn't seem to be the "biggest" thing in their eyes any more.

Any worries I do have about the school are PBL based. I will be doing pages and pages of research into that side of things as I actually have very little personal experience of it. That and this blog. He started at Manchester in 2003 - a lot could have changed in 10 years but nevertheless he raises some important concerns. These have been echoed on various student forums, so that may be something I look into deeper should I be fortunate enough to get an offer.

For now though, these worries can be swung to one side - I am assuming that I'll actually get an offer, and judging by my performance last year, that is unlikely!! Lots of work to be done. Keep you updated.