Work vs Play

So as soon as my UKCAT was done, that morning I sent off my UCAS and that afternoon I got a train to London to stay with my cousins. I always enjoy staying there, it gives me some headspace, it lets me chill out and I can just shop till I drop. Always, always love it.

I then came back home, had a shower, slept and then took a train to stay with a friend living in Leicester halls. She's studying Economics and is having a ball of a time. We went out with all of her roomates, it was a GREAT night I had so much fun and it was awesome to check out the university properly. Is Leicester for me though? Not. At. All.

The morning I wake in Leicester, I take a train straight to Sheffield to stay with a friend living in their halls. I love Sheffield. I had 2 really great crazy nights, the university looks amazing, the people were exactly the type of people I can't wait to meet and I'm so glad it's one of my university choices this year.

Somewhere amongst this, I gathered a disgusting flu thing. I've had it ever since I've been back and hence have taken sick leave and spent an awful lot of time thinking about how much I wish I was at university myself.

Sometimes I worry about what I'll be like when I finally graduate. I really really liked my couple of days with the girls and the "come down period" was a dark one. If I miss the crew that much and I've spent what, a couple of nights with them, how much will I miss my own room mates when I've spent 5 years with them and we get splattered over different ends of the country?! I think it'll crush me. I'm a very people person and I keep my girlfriends close. Bit over protective in a way. The idea that they'll abandon me for good at some Just no.

I think I need to go back to work (even though I hate that too.)